Images and thoughts of feminine intimacy and romance.

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About Sapphoria

This Tumblr comes from something inside me, something visceral and basic to my being.

I happen to love photography and the way it can capture beauty. There is beauty in a moment, a feeling that may last just a second, a shadow which departs and will never look the same again, and in the look of emotion in a face that changes and moves on.  Photography can capture these fleeting moments and share it, prolong it, allow us to become part of the wonder or fear or passion of that moment.

There is a certain beauty in two women together that is different than the beauty of a woman alone, or with a man. I believe this comes from the intimacy that can exist between women, and its unique character. So much girl with girl photography is oriented toward the male eye (which isn’t necessarily bad). But the photograph which captures intimacy between two women, the relationship between them, stirs my heart in a special way.

When I created this Tumblr my intention was to simply show the beauty of women together, in relationship to each other. No close ups of genitalia, no unnatural positions designed to imply or show sexual activity, no pornography. I try to stay true to this, though there are times I select photos that show passion for I believe this is part of the intimate relationship between women and is beautiful as well.